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Past Educational Activities

Attempts at giving.

Adults, children, teachers, etc.

For many years we have had a 'fundación', organising adult courses in Buenos Aires, now mainly running on-line after Covid. Eventually, activities for children were added and also events at our place outside the city. The pandemic has of course been a difficult time to meet people, but we have recently started to travel to various provinces (and hopefully other countries soon) to provide teacher training and educational workshops.

Geometry workshop
Group pausing before an activity . . .
. . . which was playing of course!

So many things to share, especially with young ones.

Exploring a pianoforte
Decorating trees
Open air concert with a local folk band
End of year dinner in the city
Teacher training at Satyam, our centre
Montessori activities
Outdoor activities at Satyam

Exploration out in nature fascinates young and old.

There is a small stream crossing the property
Sharing discoveries

The only problem we have, is when it is time to end the activities, and go home. The children don't want to go.

Up next: Caravan Build.

Just some nice little pics to intrigue you...