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Caravan Build

Off we go!

Inspiration to travel? . . . Check.
Places to go? . . . Check.
Friends to travel with? . . . Check.
People to meet and hopefully help out? . . . Check.
Transport? . . . Umm...

Having been to New Zealand, it was very tempting to get something similar to one of those lovely RV's we saw down there. But we were never aware of those in Argentina, so we began to look online and visit factories, etc.

It turned out that decent motor-homes (all-in-one) were extremely expensive here. So we opted for a caravan we could tow with our car, which we already had. But we didn't find any nice ones, until we reached a factory which was beginning the production of a new model... The Avant-Garde.

The prototype model we worked from

The whole build took a year and a half! Not only was the model a new development, the factory was experiencing some growing pains and we also had the start of the pandemic as well as the associated ruthless lockdown for months in the middle of our project.

This was a blessing in disguise since we therefore had a lot of time to plan, and effectively studied and decided on every aspect of the build. It was such a new product and many of the installations were the first ones ever done to this caravan model.

Hopefully a few of our innovations will now also benefit new buyers.

The chassis was custom made to size for us, and galvanised on request.
Initial structure with some panelling - - - - - - >
. . . almost completely covered.
Interior with almost no furniture - - - - - - >
. . . furniture built to our specifications - - - - - - >
. . . now fully furnished.
Energy - work done at home for testing, then installed in the caravan

We had components purchased from Argentina, Mexico, USA, England, Germany, Slovenia and China!

A composting toilet reduces the need for water, as well as the need for a 'black water tank'. We decided to get one and try our luck with it. It has been great so far.

It might be one of the first ever used in a caravan in this country...

Toilet with shower
Mini office!
All in all, a lovely house with a view . . .
Harvesting sunlight in Patagonia

Up next: Patagonia 2021-2022.

Just some nice little pics to intrigue you...